Our Real Estate Company

Quality real estate

The distinguishing characteristic of the real estate offered by P.RE.ST S.r.l. lies in the attention to detail which, in the building trade, means carefully selecting materials in order to ensure their quality and durability. P.RE.ST S.r.l. offers reliable, specialised personnel at every stage, from construction to sale. Acquiring P.RE.ST S.r.l. is a guarantee of hallmarked quality.

Real estate services

A team of in-house staff working with the best consultants in the field means the best possible development of every real estate project through the selection of serious and reliable contractors from South Tyrol.

Our technical know-how allows P.RE.ST S.r.l. to meet the needs and expectations of every client by means of continuous and constructive interchanges. Our real estate company aims to satisfy every single wish, offering targeted advice and valuations that are also weighted in financial terms. Our staff can offer all the necessary information regarding the tax breaks available at both national and provincial level for purchasing your first house.

Technical know-how

P.RE.ST S.r.l. operates in the real estate sector with significant know-how at both the national and international level, positioning itself as the company of reference for central Bolzano, the wider province and further afield.
Its experience consolidated over the years has permitted P.RE.ST S.r.l. to gain a thorough knowledge of the various real estate processes – above all technical, organisational and commercial – all enhancing its competitive skills.
P.RE.ST S.r.l. in Bolzano offers its clients in-depth, accurate know-how thanks to the support of qualified professionals who offer clients targeted solutions, the right choice of raw materials, transparency and confidentiality.


P.RE.ST S.r.l. was formed from a desire to offer an innovative and complete service to those wishing to acquire real estate for residential or commercial use, to restructure prestigious buildings or to recover spaces and land for real estate developments, always accompanied by highly qualified staff and serious, reliable partners.
We establish a relationship of contentment and trust between the parties, noting the specific requirements in order to provide suitable assistance until the ideal product is chosen. The consultancy service offered by P.RE.ST S.r.l. in Bolzano is available to purchasers even after the signing of the sale & purchase contract.

Financial valuation

P.RE.ST S.r.l. aims to offer its clients the main tools necessary to work with the leading credit institutions in the local area.
In our range of services to purchasers we also provide guidance on making the right choice regarding the various banks and thus finding the most appropriate offer for the client’s own requirements.