P.RE.ST S.r.l.'s history

A business created from an unusual past

Our real estate business goes back to the 1970s, when the Podini family concentrated on foodstuffs retailing under the A&O brand name.
Major developments in the foodstuffs sector and the consequent need to open new points of sale caused the Group to invest in the real estate market, constructing properties for commercial usage.
The constantly increasing business in the real estate sector led to this activity taking on an ever more distinct identity, with the creation of various companies concerned only with real estate.
In 1989 these entities were merged into Podini Real Estate, a company founded by two friends – Stefano Tomasi and Alexander Podini – which became one of the Business Units of the Podini Group.
We are a real estate company that has over time demonstrated its ability to judiciously interpret the features of the local market, constructing residential and commercial properties that harmoniously blend into their surroundings.
Our aim is to offer a 360° service that will assist clients at every stage of the decision-making process, from the choice of their real estate project to the actual purchase.
This guideline has permitted us to become today a secure and reliable partner in the real estate sector.

Dr. Alessandro Podini and Dr. Stefano Tomasi
Foreground: Dr Giancarlo Podini
From left: Dr Stefano Podini, Dr Giovanni Podini and Dr Alessandro Podini


P.RE.ST S.r.l. designs, develops and realises major real estate projects in Bolzano, Milan and Jesolo, employing the most modern construction techniques.

Our properties can meet the needs of the residential, commercial and tertiary sectors.

Our activities consist of::

  • Construction and sale of high-quality residential properties: one-room, two-room, three-room, four-room apartments, studios…
  • Construction and sale of properties for commercial and tertiary sector usage
  • Leasing of properties owned by the Group for commercial and tertiary sector usage with the aim of optimising managerial efficiency and profitability