Galileo Galilei Street 10, Bolzano

Produced with the help of the Feng Shui practice

The building was completed in 2004 and is intended for service and production. The complex was designed and built according to the standards of the so called Casa Clima C.


A modern and elegant building

The building presents itself as bold and dynamic, very important and architecturally interesting, especially thanks to the application of the practice of Feng Shui.

The façades consist mostly of glass, which gives the interior a lot of light, which gives more energy to those who work. The building consists of two buildings, which are connected in the northern part by a glass gallery. The building is made up of 4 above-ground floors and 3 underground floors, which total a surface area of 25.274 square meters.


Details on the pavement

The floors of above ground surfaces are of a technical nature, raised in thick wood conglomerate (38 mm), with linoleum coating.

The floors and bathrooms coatings are single-fired tiles.

Common areas (hallways, lobbies and staircases) are paved with marble coating.


System for cooling and heating

The systems are centralized, with individual meters for each unit, for both heating and cooling. The thermal power station is connected to the natural gas pipeline of the city of Bolzano.


Electrical system

The electrical installation of the public areas of the building complies with the applicable regulations. The building is equipped with centralized TV-antenna, with SAT-connection.

As a mixed-use building, trade and service industry, the individual units are not each equipped with an electrical system.



Thanks to the excellent location the Forum and its tenants are easily seen by the 35.000 cars that drive through the Galileistreet on a daily basis. Thanks to the new bridge for bikes and pedestrians, the Forum is easily reachable by bike or foot.

Some important public transportation runs through the Galileistreet, which makes it one of the busiest and most productive streets of the industrial area of Bolzano.

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